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Research and Development in Restaurant Industry

Lahore Restaurant Unity Association (LRU) was involved in activism regarding restaurant business reopening and the development of SOPs for the operations of the restaurant business. The consistent efforts of the Lahore Restaurant Unity Association turned out to be fruitful as the top management got engaged with Lahore Restaurant Unity Association and the suggestions of LRU were taken up by the government while formulating the framework of SOPs for restaurant operations. Lahore Restaurant Unity Association is the pioneer of research and development in the restaurant industry of Pakistan. It has the honor of doing in-depth research through various collaborations to develop SOPs for restaurant operation at par with world-class public health and safety measures.

Since the restaurant industry is slowly recovering the repercussions of closing down operations during the lockdown, it is a crucial time for re-negotiation of the expectations with the customers. Customers are much more demanding than before, not in terms of price, selection, or menu but terms of their perceptions of health, safety, cleanliness, and quality. The entire realm of personal hygiene and standards of cleanliness are revolutionized in the post-pandemic world. Restaurants are especially being scrutinized for their food quality and supply chain.

The table service segment of the restaurant business is the one that is under-going most changes. Some of the standard practices initiated by the joint efforts of Lahore Restaurant Unity Association (LRU) are as following:

  • Increased spacing between dining tables
  • Breaking up larger halls into smaller sections
  • Greater access and visibility of hygiene products such as sanitizers in public areas.
  • Cutlery and glassware are cleaned at the table side for the assurance of customer
  • Covering meal-plates

Progressive restaurant brands have always emphasized the importance of supply chain visibility and the ability to track respective orders from farm to food plate to ensure the standards of quality to the consumer. Restaurant owners are supposed to decisively act at this crucial moment to any concern that is being raised about their commitment to the notion of providing quality food and a clean environment.

Lahore Restaurant Unity Association has ensured that all the restaurants and associations on-board are at par with the health and safety standards in the context of post-pandemic setup. LRU is committed to up-grading the restaurant industry as per the world-class standards of health and safety while at the same time ensuring that the sustainability of the restaurant business isn’t put at stake. Lahore Restaurant Unity Association has the mission of strengthening the Research and Development in the restaurant industry to support the economy of the restaurant business in Lahore.


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