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Lahore Restaurants Unity Association was founded and commanded by Mr. Aamer Rafique Qureshi. Since its inception in April 2020 Lahore Restaurant Unity Association dedicatedly and as a torch bearer, raised concern regarding the negative impact of lockdown on Restaurants business during the tough time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Lahore being one of the largest cities of Pakistan from which only restaurants industry generates up to Rupees one billion revenue annually, was in crisis due to the lockdown. One of the most affected industries like many others was the restaurants industry. Mr. Aamer Qureshi took the matter in his own hands and founded LRU aiming at saving the drowning industry and its employees in the pandemic, be that a multinational chain, a large scale, medium scale or small scale restaurant.

LRU understood and has always supported the government for their policies but when the government unfairly decided to re-open the public transports and inner Lahore markets where it was practically impossible to keep up with the COVID prevention SOPs such as sanitized environment and social distancing, while restaurants industry remained closed which was considered to be one of the safest industries in the world where these SOPs were relatively easier to maintain because restaurant team is trained to keep the safety and health measures intact as a pre-requisite.

Along the journey, Mr. Aamer Qureshi being the Convener of Hospitality Committees  of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Pakistan, arranged meetings with all LCCI members, did huge number of press conferences with national and domestic media, arranged protests in-front of the Lahore Press club, participated in rally from Thokar Niaz Baig to D-Chowk Islamabad Press Club, to emphasize the importance of re-opening the restaurants industry.

Not only this, but LRU also emphasized on 24/7 or regular service hours for restaurants. Time-constraint imposed by the government could lead to rush situations at the restaurants that could directly be the reason for spreading the Coronavirus. LRU has worked with various departments to develop SOPs and suggested higher authorities ensuring their implementation in all the restaurants.

Many other linked associations such as Vegetable Supply Association, Chicken Supply Association, Sea Food Supply Association, Karyaana Store Supply Association, and many others joined the movement due to the matchless and unstoppable efforts of LRU which became the torch bearer of all linked industries neglected by the government throughout the pandemic lockdown.

Not only them, but All Pakistan Restaurants Association, Karachi, Islamabad, and KPK restaurant associations joined in for the efforts that were being put forth from the forum of Lahore Restaurants Unity Association.

Regardless of the pressure from various higher authorities and agencies for stepping back from the movement, Mr. Aamer Qureshi stood firm on his grounds and demands and finally in a record period of 150 days, with the continuous efforts and struggles of LRU in his leadership, Government took action and agreed to re-open the restaurants industry throughout Punjab. LRU did not stop there but suggested the government for developing SOPs and made sure the successful implementation of all the SOPs and set an example for all other cities and provinces hence one week later restaurants in Karachi and all over Pakistan were opened too.

LRU’s endeavors do not end here, LRU is still working for the betterment for restaurants industry, be that administration issues or tax issued with government department, be that SOPs violation or any other issue; Lahore Restaurants Unity Association is and shall always fight for the rights of restaurants industry disregard to their financial status because it is the voice of both employers and employees.

An insight of Lahore Restaurants Unity Association’s journey can be found on google as well as Lahore Restaurants Unity Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LahoreRestaurantsUnity/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQ7Prqomo0T8KKhdQAUSEw

The Facebook link of Founder Chairman and President LRU, Mr. Aamer Qureshi can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/AamerRafiqueQureshi/


Contact Information:

Aamer Rafique Qureshi


Lahore Restaurants Unity Association


Mobile: +92 321 4000222

President’s Secretariat: 157 – P, Mini Market, M. M. Alam road extension, Gulberg II, Lahore – Pakistan

UAN: +92 304 111 0 626

info@lahorerestaurantsunity.org.pk – www.lahorerestaurantsunity.org.pk

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